Glamping at Hopton Court

Events at Hopton

Beardy Folk Festival
21st to 23rd June 2019
at Hopton Court

Orbit Fitness Festival

Orbit Fitness Festival
28th to 30th June 2019
at Hopton Court


Play Festival

Returning to Hopton Court

12th to 16th August 2020

Audio Farm Festival

Audio Farm Festival

Returning to Hopton Court

3rd to 8th September 2020



Game Shooting and Simulated Game Clay Shooting
on Hopton Estate

David Morris, the Head Keeper on the Hopton Court Estate for over 20 years, who runs the Hopton Shoot has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which ensures a consistantly excellent quality of shooting and hospitality.

David Morris Sporting Ltd. shoots over approx 2000 acres of land on the edge of the Shropshire Clee Hills close to the boarder of Worcestershire. Hopton Court Estate is easily accessible from the midlands, being just an hour away from Birmingham.

The Hopton Court Estate, is nestled in the charming and picturesque village of Hopton Wafers. The drives are all set in beautiful undulating ground with woodland, arable land and numerous pools which enables us to provide excellent sporting pheasants, partridges and duck. Our pheasants are produced from game covers, and later on woodland, in a parkland setting over our scenic Shropshire valleys. Drives such as 'The Court Drive', 'The Knowle Bank', ‘Ethel’s’ and ‘Pit Holes’ produce outstanding quality high birds, that any sportsman would be keen to shoot. We have 10 duck pools at Hopton and over the years there has been gained, a very good reputation for very high, challenging ducks.

In addition to the good sport, Hopton is a very friendly and relaxed shoot which is the big attraction that keeps our guns coming back again and again. For catering we have our own gun room where our excellent cook can provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to suit your requirements. If you wanted something very special, by special arrangement you can dine at Hopton Court which is a beautiful country house set in stunning grounds on the shoot.

Having a large amount of ground gives us plenty of drives to choose from, ensuring that we can pick the drives to best suit the weather conditions and requirements of the guns.

We are versatile at David Morris Sporting, offering 200 to 500 bird days, for both syndicates or single guns.

For more information or to make a booking contact please Dave Morris on 07866 675 955 or
01299 270 673.  Please see our video which will give you a very good idea of what you can expect on a typical splendid day at Hopton.

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